Not all cold storage units are the same! That’s why at Southern Refrigeration Engineers we offer several different types of 10’ cold storage. Southern offers 10' freezers and coolers,  ready for all your needs. The smaller 10’ cold storage containers are perfect for modest environments and small businesses.


We take pride in the quality of our product, so you can always expect containers from Southern Refrigeration Engineers to be built to last. Our cold storage containers are considered “the green option” vs the typical diesel cold storage containers, and can be powered by 230V (or 460V phase 3 power). Optionally a diesel unit container can be provided for emergency situations or where electric is not readily available.We even offer containers capable of both on and off grid cold storage.


Fabricated with a tenacious aluminum T-Rail flooring, cold storage containers from SRE are sure to stand the test of time while maintaining portability. The aluminum T-Rail base on the flooring of the cold storage containers allows for effortless forklift and pallet jack traffic. Entry in and out of the refrigerated storage container is streamlined with a set of lockable double cargo doors for easy access to your products. We can also place the 10’ cold storage container on a chassis that is loading dock height for easy access.


At Southern Refrigeration Engineers, its our mission to provide our clients with the most ideal cold storage solution for their business. If you need a cold storage container short term, long term, or you would like to purchase a container, SRE has you covered every time. We offer different renting and purchasing options to accommodate all of our clients needs. Contact SRE today to get in touch with one of our skilled staff or request a quote.

Portable Walk-In Specifications
Exterior Dimensions 10’L x 8’W x 8’6″H Cubic Capacity
Interior Dimensions 8’L x 7’6"W x 7’H
Door Opening 4’W x 6’5″H
Cubic Capacity 476 sq ft (appx)

"Southern Refrigeration Engineers kept our restaurant going when a contractor on a street improvement project cut a power main and we were without power for days. SRE came within just a couple hours after our call and we were able to transfer all our food product to their temporary 10' walk-in unit with zero food spoilage. Their portable cold storage solution saved us from a huge potential financial loss.